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Triennial Reunion of GFA is Held in Connecticut in July

On July 19-22, 2001, the triennial Geer Family Association meeting and reunion was held in the Ledyard, Connecticut, area.

A business meeting was held, tours of "Geer country" were taken, and many new cousins became acquainted with each other. Here are some highlights:

Dinner   Meeting

On Friday night a Fellowship Dinner was enjoyed at the Congregational Church in Lebanon, CT. The business meeting was held in the Congregational Church in Ledyard on Saturday morning.

Bob and Ginger   Ovation

Ginger August joins Bob Geer at the piano for a song at the Fellowship Dinner. Outgoing President Bob Geer gets a standing ovation from the membership at the conclusion of the business meeting.

New Officers   Ginger

Newly elected officers pose for a group portrait. Historian Ginger August presents her report.

Reunion of Geers of Portland, Maine, in July, 2002.

Early Geers Poster

The descendants of George Independence Geer and his wife Jennie A. Merrill Geer gathered at a campground in Scarborough, Maine, on July 27, 2002, to continue a long-standing tradition of gathering on the Fourth of July birthday of George Independence Geer (8th generation).

DinnerPosters of their ancestors gave attendees a bit of history and inspiration. Ginger August stands by a poster with eight colors representing the eight children of George and Jennie Geer. All name tags were color-coded to represent a particular branch of the family.


Ginger and Poster Richard Robinson, Susan August-Brown, and Kitty Wilbur coordinated the event and awarded prizes for the raffle of creative items reminiscent of family members who had passed on. Richard played the role of chef as Ginger August looked on. Below, the group posed for a picture to remember the day by.

Cooking  Group Photo

Reunion of Descendants of Frank D. Geer and Clara Ada Heck Geer Held in Johnstown, PA, in July, 2000

1936 GatheringFour generations of descendants of Frank D. Geer and Clara Ada Heck Geer, about fifty people, held a reunion in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, last July. The group included family members who traveled from New Mexico, Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Maine, and many other states. Pictured at left are Frank and Clara at their home in Johnstown with their children and grandchildren in 1938.

Frank and Clara

Dr. Frank D. Geer, a Johnstown dentist, and his wife, at right, were fondly known by their grandchildren as "Little Daddy" and "Muzzie." They had three children: Dr. Frank D. Geer, Jr., Sara V. Geer Froehlich, and Dr. Robert R. Geer.

The cousins toured the home built by Little Daddy and Muzzie, toured the Johnstown Flood Museum, and held a memorial service for Frank D. Geer III, who died in October, 1999. Audrey Geer Masalehdan, daughter of Frank III, and Lilian V. Geer, his wife, planned the reunion. Below: the "whole crew" in Johnstown. Whole

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