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To order any of the items below, print out this page, indicate which items you wish to purchase, enclose check, and mail according to instructions at the bottom of page (to print the form, choose "File," then "Print," and then "All frames individually"). Thank you
Item Description Price How Many
Dues and Newsletter One year, covering the period from July 1 through the following June 30. Includes three newsletters: Fall, Spring, and Summer issues. $20 one year special offer for paid members giving gift membership(s). $25.00  
Life Membership   $250.00  
College of Arms Report A report on the Geer Crest to date; 11 pages. $2.00  
1926 Geer Family Association Meeting and Membership List   $1.00  
Current GFA Membership Roster Arranged in numerical order by Zip Code $4.00  
Individual, Family Group and Pedigree Forms Blank forms for recording genealogical information Free for $1.00 postage  
Revised Index of Surname Geer in History of Town of Ledyard, CT By Ginger August; 4 pages. $2.00  
Annotated Bibliography of Books on Geer People Including books with chapters devoted to G/G/G people, places, and events. Prepared by Ginger August; 50 pages, updated annually. $8.00  
Historical Sketch and Genealogy of George and Thomas Geer from 1621 to 1856 By James Geer, printed by Elihu Geer in 1856. Hard Cover. Members $30.00 + $3.00 p&h
Non-Members $55 +$3.00 p&h
Reprint of 1923 Geer Genealogy by Walter Geer Hard, imprinted cover, hand-bound. The basis of current George and Thomas Geer descendants' ID # system. 460 pages; 32 photos. Members $40.00 (p&h included)
Non-Members $65.00 (p&h and one year membership included)
Reprint of 1991 Supplement to 1923 Genealogy 950 pages, complete indeces of George and Thomas Geer descendants, with appendices. Three-hole drilled, coverless, shrink-wrapped. Members $35.00 (p&h included)
Non-Members $60.00 (p&h and one year membership included)
NEW! The Second Supplement to the 1923 Geer Genealogy in CD format! This CD supplements what has been written already with revised or new material down through the 14th generation. The 1991 Supplement covers to the 9th generation so everything from that time on is new. There are new entries within all generations where completely new material has been uncovered and, where there have been major changes, some entries have been completely revised. It is nearly 2,000 pages, in the same format as the 1991 book, if printed. Available on CD only. Members $35.00 (p&h included)
Non-Members $60.00 (p&h and one year membership included)
Geer Crest A good Xerox color reproduction of the Geer Crest (8-1/2"x11"), as seen on the cover of the 1991 supplement $3.00  
Geer Crest Photo 8-1/2"x11" photo of Geer Crest on black background. $15.00 (p&h included)  
Geer Crest T-shirt 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T, natural color, with full-color Geer Crest on front. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL. $20.00 + $3 P&H  
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For items above, enclose check payable to Geer Family Association. Note: Minimum purchase for non-members is $20.00. Send completed form with check to Louis A. Dunlap, 58 James Road East, Durham, CT 06422.